Raffaello Acavallo Dressage Saddle V2 - Black

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Color: Black
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The Acavallo mono-flap DRESSAGE RAFFAELLO saddle is designed with several advanced features to provide exceptional comfort and adaptability for both the rider and the horse. Here are the key points about the saddle:

  1. Material: The saddle is crafted with premium aniline full-grain calfskin leather, ensuring a luxurious and durable finish.
  2. Deep Seat and Oversized Blocks: The deep seat, combined with the oversized front and rear blocks, creates a close and harmonious connection between the rider and the horse, enhancing the feeling of unity.
  3. Nylon and Carbon Tree: The saddle features a unique composition of a nylon and carbon tree, allowing it to flex and adapt to the rider's movements, providing a customized fit.
  4. MAG System (Micrometer Adjustable Gullet): The revolutionary MAG system enables easy adjustment of the tree's width to accommodate various wither sizes, ensuring an ideal fit for the horse. The simple and intuitive turn of the MAG Key allows the rider to adapt the saddle to the horse's anatomy, even while mounted.
  5. Padded Wool Panels: The saddle incorporates padded panels made of wool, which are designed to be long-lasting and provide shock absorption. These panels can also be integrated into the saddle, contributing to the overall comfort for both the rider and the horse.
  6. Refined and Linear Design: The saddle exhibits a refined and linear design, characteristic of Acavallo products, combining elegance with simplicity.
  7. Anatomical Supports in Panels: Acavallo has collaborated with top riders to design large panels with anatomical supports. These panels are crafted with natural and hypoallergenic materials and aim to provide maximum comfort by considering the horse's shoulder anatomy and muscle mass.
  8. Integrated Polyfill Panels: The saddle incorporates integrated polyfill panels consisting of leather, neoprene, and felt pockets filled with polyfill. The soft polyfill material conforms to the horse's back, and the panels can be adjusted regularly to accommodate changes as the horse develops.

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