Dear Customer,

We’ve recently noticed that some helmet (model Shadowmatt #2K16 size Medium) marked: “PRODUCTION DATE 10/2020” or “PRODUCTION DATE 12/2020” or “PRODUCTION DATE 06/2021” could sometimes not being conform to the certification CE EN1384-12 that is claimed on its label.

The designated above product

  • Does not meet the requirements set for shock absorption, meaning it doesn’t protect against brain injury in the event of accident
  • Does not meet the requirements set for peak deflection, meaning that in the event of accident too rigid peak may cause the flopping down of neck or it may guide the head otherwise bad position which may cause neck damage

This label discrepancy is considered as a safety risk for the user of this helmet.

Safety and transparency being a priority for Samshield we kindly ask you to check your Samshield helmet and if it corresponds to the model designated above we ask you to immediately stop using it and please bring it back to your retailer in order to enable Samshield to exchange it for a model which should not represent any doubt regarding the certification claimed on its label.

Thank you for your cooperation.