Trolle Company is a company that specializes in discovering high-quality products for sports and leisure, with a focus on equestrianism. The company was founded in 2005 by Ulrich Trolle and is based in Denmark.

Our vision is to be the Nordic platform for luxury equestrian and inspire riders to pursue their dreams.

We have unique combinations of competencies that enables us to select truly innovative products that allow riders to perform better than they ever thought possible. We are committed to the classical traditions of design, quality, and security, and we strive to dress the future generation of riders. Trolle Company is always looking for original quality brands that can strengthen our selection and add something extra to the market.

When a product is distributed by Trolle Company, customers can trust that it is one of the best in its category. We're committed to evolve constantly and take the brand even further as we go.

Trolle Company exists for the love of riding and is dedicated to push boundaries and inspire riders to pursue their dreams.