eVysor Transperent Lenses - Transperent

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The eVysor offers a new way in providing maximum comfort and protection to your horses eyes while riding. While just a few decades ago horses didn't wear any eye protection, fly masks, blankets or get their teeth floated. But the fact is, we treat our horses differently these days.The eVysor offers superior UV protection from bright Sun Eye sensitivity and discomfort, Eye injury from Dust, Debris/ Branches and Wind while riding.Luminous Transmittance: ? Transparent 98,08% ? Mirrored Orange 46,28% ? Mirrored Blue 42,63% ? Darker 10,45% Filter Category: ? Transparent 0 ? Mirrored Orange 1 ? Mirrored Blue 2 ? Darker 3 All Lenses offer 100% UV Protection. Available in Transparent, Dark, Mirrored Blue and Mirrored Orange Tints.